Van for Scott and Sarabeth Hill
The original van we intended on purchasing was sold while we were still raising money. After looking at other vans, we found a van on February 20th and purchased it for $4,200. We offered $4,000 and the guy said he had too many calls and he would take a chance on someone else paying the $4,200. We bought it and it cost about $3,750 to do the repairs, but it is a great van and Scott and Sarabeth are very happy to have it. However, the project was $7,950 rather than $6,500. We've raised just over $4,350 and if we can raise $2,150, Sabre Missions will cover in the remaining $1,450. That means raising the original $6,500.

We delivered the van to Scott and Sarabeth on 3/19/16. They were incredibly grateful. While they have the van, we still need more to finish funding it. Sabre Missions has covered the cost of the repairs to make sure the van arrived in time for their new arrival. Please consider helping to restore the funds.

When donating online, select "Scott and Sarabeth Hill Van in the fund line at the top. If you send a check, put "Hill Van" in the memo line.


We built a house for Elena quite a ways out of town. The property she has will have electricity -- eventually, but until then she needs a generator. We bought one at Costco for $699.99 that runs on gas and propane and is 7000 Watts (6300 Watts on propane). We brought it down to her on our trip in September. You can be part of that blessing.

When donating online, select "Generator-Elena" in the fund line at the top. If you send a check, put "Generator" in the memo line.
Generator for Elena