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       2021 - May 29 - June 6 (We plan the trip, but the Lord controls the trip.)
Details: Last year we were going to build four houses for families that lost their homes in a fire that hit the colonia just south of Peter's and Anna's church (where we build the rafters). We had everything ready. We had raised funds, purchased materials, had our fund raising dinner, reserved the vans and a week before we were going to leave - BOOM! The border was rumored to be closed and travel restrictions hit and Tecate wasn't open to large groups meeting. We decided to cancel the trip. Just over a week later the border was closed. So, God guided. Since then, Peter and some people from the church have been able to build two of the four houses. Yuri's house for their family is done and so is the house for Juan Carlos and his family. Peter will be putting in the windows and Juan will be putting on stucco. Depending on how many people can come, we plan on building two more houses and, if we have enough people and funds, we will build another one. All of this depends on whether Mexico and Tecate, specifically, remove some restrictions - like more than three people gathering - and we can cross the border. The bottom line: We plan to go and trust the Lord. If we can't go at the end of May, we will wait until 2022, which, by the way, seems like a long time between trips. Pray

      March 27, 2021
      April 24, 2021
      May 22, 2021

      Time: The meetings should start around 10am, but may change if there are scheduling conflicts. The first meeting or two may be virtual.
      Location: Steve's and Betty's house 1619 McKay Way or on Zoom or something.
Annual Tecate Fund Raising Dinner: We are praying to have a dinner the 2021 trip to be on April 31 somewhere at 6pm. Put it on your schedule now and be ready to help. Inviting others would be good, too.
State of Tecate: As for normal stuff, nothing has changed in the past few years. Tecate is still pretty peaceful and does not have drug wars, kidnappings and violence to Americans. Our friends in Tecate are ever watchful and will let us know about anything that would either make it clear we shouldn't come or even if it would make it questionable for us to go, which is the same thing as saying we shouldn't come at all. The big issue now is, of course, the virus. As of the middle of February, things are pretty locked down. There are reports Tijuana and Mexicali won't let any more than two people in a vehicle come into Mexico. We don't know if that will be the case in Tecate. Still, Tecate restricts more than three people gathering and they don't want people going places unless it's necessary. In May, Mexico plans on having everyone 50 and over be vaccinated and then start with people 40 and over. What does that mean for the trip trip? I don't know. We have to follow the Lord's leading.

Here's a link to the COVID-19 information for Mexico. It has a lot of information. Also, at the bottom of the "Trip Summary" document on the "Resources" page, there's a description about Baja California.
There's a convenience store in Tecate, CA (the only real semblance of a town) and if we would get a call when we stop there before crossing the border, we would turn around and head back. In a worst cast scenario, while in Tecate, we are close enough to walk across the border. If any thing changes, we'll let you know.
Includes documents, support letter information, shopping list, general information about the Tecate Mission trip and a prayer list. 
Basic information about our trip for this year and how you can particpate.
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