The trip for 2015 was March 21-29 and we built one house and did some renovation to Anna's bath house (built in 2006) to make it into a home. 18 people traveled down to Tecate.

We planned on building one house for Elena's son, Eduardo and his wife. They are expecting their first child soon. Unfortunately, because of a problem with the land, we got a call one week before we left that the purchase of the land wouldn't happen and we couldn't build them a house. Sadly, little Samuel, who was due in a few weeks after we left, died just before he wa born. A few months ago, God blessed Eduardo and Addy with Hazael.

Anna had just talked to another family that needed a house. God put things together at the las minute and we built a house for the other family. We were going to build a bigger house for Eduardo and Addy, but I told Anna that we would the normal house for the new family. 16’x24’ is normal. When we got there, the foundation was 16’x32’ and Anna had purchased the materials for that size house. We built a 16’x32’ house. 
When we started planning for the trip in 2015, I came up with a new motto. “I plan the trip, but God controls the trip.” I knew this before, I just hadn't verbalized it. Over the years, as I remembered all the things that happened -- good and bad -- I saw them as God's hand directing us to the right place at the right time.